Do you have peace of mind?

Estate Planning is about peace of mind and making sure that your investments are passed on to your family or beneficiaries in the most effective way. Careful Estate Planning will protect your interests, your wealth and your family by:

– Minimising tax payable,

– Ensuring ownership of assets passes to the right beneficiaries, and

– The assets are protected if any beneficiary has any legal issues.

Estate Planning has become even more important in today’s society as family units become more complex. The complex family and investment structures often require more than a simple will and requires careful planning to ensure that the original intentions are met.

Some of the questions around Estate Planning include:

1. Have you considered whether you’ve accumulated enough assets to provide for your family and pay off debts if you die?

2. Have you also thought about who will inherit which assets and in what proportions?

3. If you’re sick or injured and unable to control your investments, have you chosen someone to manage your affairs for you?

Tasmanian Retirement Centre are able to walk you through these steps to ensure that your best interests are taken care of.

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Case Study: Estate Planning

John (52) and Sue (50) are still both working and wish to retire in the next 10 years. They do not have any wills or powers of attorney and they want to ensure that their funds go to the right places and any tax liabilities are minimised when they die.

Tasmanian Retirement Centre met with the client’s solicitor of choice to ensure that wills and powers of attorney mirror what the clients want to happen, and ensured that the relevant powers of attorney were in place should they lose the capacity to act for themselves.