Do you need help planning for aged care?

Australia’s population, like that of most developed countries, is ageing as a result of sustained low birth rate and increasing life expectancy.

Costs associated with moving an elderly person into care can be quite complex and requires careful planning. Accommodation needs, the person’s ability to meet initial and ongoing care costs, estate planning and Centrelink Age Pension entitlements are important aspects for an elderly person and their family to consider.

As such, it is important to start aged care conversations with elderly clients earlier and to involve the family in discussions to ensure everyone is comfortable with the arrangement. The steps involved in moving into an aged care facility are:

1. Approval from the Aged Care Assessment Team’s (ACAT) is required to qualify for a government subsidy. There can be a six to none month wait for this free assessment which will determine the level of care you need and eligibility for aged care services.

2. Find a facility based on the services and amenities you need, as some facilities specialise in treating certain illnesses. You will also be able to get an idea of upfront and going costs plus the level and type of bond required.

3. Organise finances to cover any upfront and on-going accommodation and care expenses. This may include deciding whether to keep or sell the family home.

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Case Study: Centrelink

Mike (65) and Linda (65) are about to retire. They want to maximise their Centrelink but are confused by the application process.

Tasmanian Retirement Centre was able to streamline the application process and make sure that the Centrelink pension, when combined with other investment strategies, met their ongoing lifestyle income needs with minimal reporting.

Case Study: Aged Care Strategies

Donald (78) has recently had a stroke and may have to move into a nursing home. Mary (76) needs to find out and compare the costs of both home care and nursing homes for Donald, and discuss strategies to minimise the cost while still maintaining Mary’s lifestyle. She also needs help with the process of applying for care.

After helping Mary to compare her options, Tasmanian Retirement Centre applied for care in the home for Donald and put strategies in place to make the eventual move into care easier. Tasmanian Retirement Centre were able to put strategies in place to minimise any fees now, and also in case Mary has to move into care herself. Tasmanian Retirement Centre completed all documentation for Donald and Mary, including for nursing care and Centrelink.